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Suffer Little Children

by James Lileks

The odiferous species of Jerkus internetus lacks the moral compass of the Mafia, and that’s saying something. As I understand Cosa Nostra mythology, you could whack a guy for cause, but you left the family alone. Jerkus internetus has no trouble wishing horrible harm on children, and he imagines he’s a better person for it. They wish to Save Children, as evidenced by their support of the Save Children Act, and anyone who says the act is a bad idea because it requires state and local governments to encase playgrounds in a sheath of Nerf obviously wants children to die and should be excoriated in all possible terms.

Preferably sexual. There are few things more characteristic of a progressive with his brainpan fully enveloped by his nether regions than the belief that enlightenment is demonstrated by sexually degrading women who have different opinions on statism and tax rates.

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