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Our World War II vets surely remember when “To the barricades!” had an entirely different meaning.

The Obama administration celebrated the shutdown face-off by barricading open-air public monuments and scenic-view stops on public highways, and telling fishing boats to stay out of Florida Bay (between the Everglades and the Keys). They also blocked parking lots at Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. Now Mount Vernon is certainly a national monument, but it has been owned since the 1850s by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, a private organization that has never taken a cent of government money. Washington, remember, was the man who wrote his cousin (July 20, 1774): “I think the Parliament of Great Britain hath no more Right to put their hands into my Pocket, without my consent, than I have to put my hands into yours, for money.” One can only imagine the frigid gravity with which he would regard Park Service hacks putting barriers in front of his house.

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