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Stuff Liberal White Ladies Like

by Kevin D. Williamson
Wendy Davis and the end of Ann Richards Democrats

Fort Worth, Texas — If you are looking for the end of the line for the Sanctimonious White Lady party, you might very well find it here in Dallas’s slightly less pretentious sister city, where the bleached blondeness and sequined daywear of the Big D lose just a little of their sparkle as you approach the ancient stockyards and the suburban Haltom coliseum, and where state senator and newly announced gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, who became a national liberal cause célèbre after staging a filibuster in favor of gruesome late-term abortions, and whose candidacy was immediately endorsed and its coffers topped up by A-list abortion organizations, is studiously not talking about abortion — she doesn’t even say the word, in fact — instead giving voice to what may very well be the last barbaric yawp of her dwindling tribe. In Texas, you hear a great deal of cocky talk from Sanctimonious White Ladies about the inevitable demographic changes that will someday soon — and maybe this time! — turn the Lone Star State into a Colorado, if not a California. Democrats have not won a statewide office in Texas since François Mitterrand’s career was a going concern and Netscape Navigator was in beta, but they are convinced of the inevitability of their ascendance.

And it may yet come to pass. But don’t bet on Wendy Davis’s faction’s being around to see it.

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