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by Rob Long

Casting-Call Bulletin Board for the Washington, D.C., Area

Note to all background atmosphere: Please DO NOT contact vendors directly. ALL CASTING is to go through listed casting agents.


Older male/female: Need 12–20 older (55–80+) fit and active seniors for political video on Obamacare. Players must be in full possession of mental faculties, have all or most of their limbs, and be able to move around in a semi-rhythmic fashion. Looking for seniors who look appropriate holding various pieces of sports equipment, e.g., tennis racquet etc. If you have a similar prop, please bring it to the call. NOTE: There is one line of dialogue to be distributed: “Thanks, President Obama!” to be given to 58+ females of indeterminate ethnicity. SHOOTS TUESDAY.

Teens/tweens, mixed race, mixed genders: Need 25–30 young people (teens/tweens ONLY, please bring photo ID with DOB for verification) to appear behind President Obama at White House photo-op. Must be in excellent health, though braces on teeth etc. and glasses are A PLUS. No dialogue. Must be ambulatory and able to hug the president with convincing gratitude. SHOOTS WEDNESDAY.

Spanish/Hispanic/Mexican men and women (18–60) for RNC spot. No dialogue. Must be able to convincingly “vote” on film for Republican candidate. SHOOTS WHEN CAST.

Middle-aged couple (40–55), pref. white or Asian, for MOS (no sound) photomontage for RNC. Must be fit and attractive but have the look of sadness around the eyes, as if dreams for a better life have been smashed. No dialogue, couple must look at new health-care premiums with a stricken and devastated expression. Male looks at female with a “What are we going to do? We’re going to lose our business”–type look, female puts hand on his shoulder with a “Why did we believe the president when he said that we could keep our existing plan, and that premiums would go down?”–type expression. SHOOTS THURSDAY. 

Middle-aged WHITE males (50–65) with stern and unfeeling expressions to appear in a political advertisement for Organizing for America. All need to be able to laugh evilly in a convincing fashion as disabled children are turned away from a hospital-type set. Please come to call wearing dark or grey suit. No dialogue, but willing to work with established improvisational comedians for possible lines, etc. SMOKERS A PLUS. SHOOTS FRIDAY.

Spanish/Hispanic/Mexican men and women (18–60) for DNC spot. No dialogue. Must be able to convincingly look at a photo of President Obama with an admiring and grateful expression. SHOOTS WHEN CAST.

Young adults (25–30) of ALL RACES. Need 20–40 “types,” with tattoos and other “cool” and “young” attributes for generic ballot ad for RNC. MUST BRING SMARTPHONE. Need to be healthy and fit, dressed in “tech-industry start-up”–style clothes — think J. Crew, think Zara — and MUST ALL carry messenger-style bags. No dialogue. Players simply look down at their smartphones, then look up with a “Where’s my job? I thought I was voting for ‘hope and change’ but I haven’t seen any results. Maybe I’m making a mistake voting reflexively for the Democrats. Maybe I should take another look at the Republican party. Sure, I’m basically pro-choice and I have lots of gay friends — none of that is really a big deal to me — but I also believe in entrepreneurial capitalism and the power of a fairly regulated free market. Maybe it’s time to think again”–type expression. SHOOTS OVER THE WEEKEND.

Family clusters (kids: 3–17; parents: 30–45) of all ethnicities for a DNC spot. MUST BRING two changes of clothes, one ratty and bedraggled, the other clean and neat, for before/after Obama photomontage. Will need to be able to move and dance in time as the families form a circle around the president. Children under 12 will be required to throw rose petals. No dialogue.

Spanish/Hispanic/Mexican men and women (18–60) for issue spot for DNC. Must be able to convincingly say goodbye to each other as one or the other is deported in a dangerously unsafe bus. Need to be able to weep loudly on cue. Must bring several changes of clothing. PLEASE BRING INFANT CHILDREN IF YOU HAVE THEM. No dialogue, but wailing in misery is encouraged.

Middle-aged WHITES and ASIANS ONLY for RNC senatorial spot. No dialogue. Simply walking together, arms locked, through a crowd of food-stamp/entitlement recipients. Must be able to convincingly seem like a potential political coalition. SHOOTS MONDAY.

Open call: all Hispanic/Mexican/ Latin atmosphere in D.C. area, for DNC generic ballot spot. Please arrive in street/business attire. No dialogue, but those who can show paystubs from RNC generic-Hispanic spot appearance will be paid double. Some singing possible.

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