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We can’t keep insurance policies we like, and we have to keep a president we don’t. Can’t win.

New Jersey is the country’s bluest state with a Republican governor, and it just reelected him in a landslide. Chris Christie’s 22-point margin means that he could have compromised less and still won: He could have rejected the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare, kept a tighter lid on spending, and maybe above all reformed the state’s hyperactivist judiciary. He has, however, been a better (and more conservative) governor than any the state has had for a long time. He has cut taxes, taken on the public-sector unions, and vetoed bills to fund Planned Parenthood. His record is much more impressive than that of the last Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, in that Christie both governed more conservatively and won reelection. And did we mention he won big? His supporters in the next nomination contest will, and it will be a strong recommendation for him — so long as he, and they, understand that it will not clinch the case.

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