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We have long questioned the wisdom of nuclear negotiations with a party that has a history of promise-breaking and duplicity. So Harry Reid’s actions come as no surprise.

There are assassins who are crazy, and assassins who are ideologues. Among the former: Charles Guiteau, who shot James Garfield; Squeaky Fromme, who tried to shoot Gerald Ford. Among the latter: John Wilkes Booth, self-described Confederate; Leon Czolgosz, anarchist; Sirhan Sirhan, Palestinian nationalist; and, of special relevance this November, Lee Harvey Oswald, a Communist who moved to the Soviet Union, married a Soviet wife, and admired Castro. Then there are crazy attempts to interpret the ideology of assassins: As James Piereson has pointed out, liberals who could not stand to see Kennedy as a casualty of the Cold War made him the casualty of Dallas’s right-wing climate of hate instead. They are still at it: Steven L. Davis, co-author of the new book Dallas 1963, accuses the Tea Party of spewing the same hatred at Barack Obama; the New York Times has recently run several stories on this theme. Gentlemen: Get your ideology straight. Oswald et al. at least did that, however destructive and monstrous they otherwise were.

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