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Looking for Lefty

by Jay Nordlinger

The problem of what, or whom, to read

About ten years ago, a friend of mine who works in public life made an announcement at lunch: “I’ve been reading newspapers and magazines since I was a kid. I’m very well informed. From now on, I’m not going to read anything I’m not going to agree with. At this stage, I’m entitled.” I grinned at this, and was tempted to go my friend’s way. I still am. But I know there must be fiber in our diets. We cannot just consume journalistic and political ice cream.

Being a conservative, I should seek out “progressive” opinion. But I have had a tough time of it. I have long tried to have a go-to lefty, someone who will give me the best arguments of the other side. The problem is, I keep running into simple invective and sneering.

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