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Arise Ye Media

by James Lileks

Over at Salon there’s an excerpt from the book Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA. The title, you suspect, comes from John Lennon’s limp hymn to a happy hippie hand-holding utopia. But once socialist control has been gloriously achieved thanks to the tireless work of people who think the “have a penny, take a penny” dish at the café is proof America yearns for the leveling blade of egalitarian revolution, what will the media look like? The author explains.

 “The articles in newspapers and magazines and online will not be filler between ads for teeth whiteners and weight-loss pills. There won’t be TV commercials for Coke, cars, or million-dollar condos.” So the new citizens will have stained teeth and drink Citizen’s Cola, apparently. There will still be cars, but there won’t be ads, because ads flood your rational brain with option-lust and make you buy the car you “think” you “want” as opposed to the one whose assembly line has no robots and pays everyone $463 an hour, whether he’s designing the engine or putting knobs on the radio. (Which, by the way, plays only Workers Stations.)

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