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We feared the ACA would make companies not want to hire. Good news! It just makes employees not want to work.

The latest from the Chris Christie Super Bowl: David Wildstein, the Christie appointee to the Port Authority who was implicated in the infamous bridge-lane closings, said “evidence exists” that Christie knew about them (bad for Christie). But Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the Democrat investigating the matter, said there was no such evidence in 900 pages of documents Wildstein submitted in response to a subpoena. “What he’s talking about must be something other than what he submitted” (good for Christie). Christie’s staff meanwhile released a memo of anti-Wildstein talking points, including even the datum that his high-school social-studies teacher once berated him in public (silly of Christie). Meanwhile, at the other Super Bowl, Christie was booed (standard behavior from fans, but unfortunately timed for Christie). In a year, all this may leave only a layer of grime, or it all may be gone — or Christie may be gone. But the process will be long, and not on message for a presidential hopeful.

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