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Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

by Lee Edwards

Living on Fire: The Life of L. Brent Bozell, by Daniel Kelly (ISI, 272 pp., $27.95)

‘Unforgettable” — that’s probably the best word for L. Brent Bozell Jr. I knew him as a brilliant editorialist, a deeply committed Catholic, a devoted father of ten, and a passionate public speaker who could bring thousands to their feet. I also knew him as my godfather. He was on fire to change the world and he did not stop trying until his flame flared, flickered, and finally died.

Most of us have encountered someone who seizes our attention and perhaps captures our allegiance, not by wealth or power or position but by the intensity of his personality and the audacity of his vision. He is a visionary who brooks no compromise and accepts no limits. He will not let up until he achieves his goal — political, religious, cultural, whatever it may be — or is stopped in his tracks. He is not comfortable to be around, as he challenges you to consider what you are doing with your life.

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