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Happy Warrior

Deny This

by Mark Steyn

Handing out his awards for “sustainability” at Buckingham Palace the other day, the Prince of Wales made a few remarks about “climate change” and attacked “powerful groups of deniers” as a “headless-chicken brigade” ignoring the scientific evidence. It’s pretty funny to be called a “headless chicken” by a guy who runs around saying the sky is falling. In 2009 His Royal Highness gave a speech saying we had only 96 months left to save the planet. Ninety-six months? That would be July 2017 — which is only three and a half years off. On the other hand, it’s almost twice as far away as January 2016, which is the official final storewide-clearance date for Al Gore’s 2006 prediction of the end of the world.

As for labeling as “deniers” those of us still deluded enough to be making plans for Christmas 2017 and beyond, this usage is utterly contemptible from a man who will be king of all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions on this subject across his many realms from the supposedly soon-to-be-ice-free Canadian Arctic to the atolls of Tuvalu about to be drowned by rising sea levels. Dr. Michael E. Mann, the self-garlanded “Nobel Laureate” currently suing me and this magazine, also likes to damn anyone with the temerity to disagree with him as a “denier,” but it’s a truly appalling epithet from the lips of a would-be constitutional monarch. I was born a subject of the Prince’s mother and have lived under no other sovereign, but, if I’m still around when Charles III succeeds to the throne and he carries on like this, I may have to decline to stand for the Loyal Toast at formal dinners in Ottawa and Canberra.

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