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John Kerry says that climate change is a weapon of mass destruction. We assume that means that he will support a war against it, then bug out after a few years.

If there is a single lesson that the Obama administration is committed to not learning, it is that economics involves trade-offs. A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office contains what the administration must surely receive as good news: Its plan to raise the minimum wage to the Democrats’ new target of $10.10 could lift as many as 900,000 Americans out of poverty. The bad news is that it would cast 500,000 Americans into joblessness. Just in December, the president claimed that there is “no solid evidence” that raising the minimum wage costs jobs. Now there is. He is not changing his mind. That is because raising the minimum wage is not about raising wages, but about developing a wedge issue for the 2014 election. The scandal of the moment is not that the minimum wage is so low, but that in an Obama economy it is important to millions more people than it should be. The Democrats want to raise the minimum wage; the Republicans should concentrate on raising workers up from it.

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