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A Campus Apart

by Jay Nordlinger

Thoughts on a visit to a conservative college

Hillsdale, Mich. — ‘There are some closet liberals here,” a student tells me. The phrase makes my blood run a little cold. I have known lots of closet conservatives, on campuses, in orchestras, and elsewhere. But the concept of closet liberals is fairly new to me. Everyone should be comfortable expressing himself, politically! (To a degree.)

I am at Hillsdale College, an extraordinary institution in south-central Michigan. I think of it as the conservative Harvard. Hillsdale has a conservative faculty, basically, and a conservative student body, basically. The college teaches the Judeo-Christian heritage, the American Founding, the Great Books — the good stuff (again, as I think of it). I see a plaque with a slogan: “Pursue Truth, Defend Liberty.” I blink a little.

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