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Bridge to Nowhere

by James Lileks

Imagine a progressively inclined cable-news consumer running through the channels, sneering at the offerings. Fox: a massacre of Venezuelan protesters — damned CIA, up to their old tricks. CNN: An Iranian ship off New York might be dry-running an EMP test — neocon warmongery. You want the real news, you click over to MSNBC and see what Rachel’s uncovered about the biggest story of the 21st century. Ah: She’s just starting.

“Tonight, MSNBC can report exclusively on the breaking news of an exclusive piece of information which is breaking as we speak: We now have evidence that a piece of paper that contained the words ‘bridge,’ ‘shut down,’ and ‘punish’ was in Chris Christie’s possession in advance of the event we have been following here for the last year. More from our reporter Chuck Javert. Chuck?”

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