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We have too much rspect for the office to take the easy shot.

Republican David Jolly’s victory over Democrat Alex Sink in the special election to fill Florida-13, the House seat left vacant by the death of 82-year-old Bill Young, produced an immortal lede: “Young wasn’t, Sink did, and Jolly is” (congrats to James Taranto). It also produced panic among Democrats. Young was a Republican, but his district trends purple — Barack Obama carried it in 2012. Sink, an almost-successful gubernatorial candidate, had a big war chest; Jolly was a tyro and a lobbyist. But Jolly had an issue: “She supports Obamacare. I don’t.” Smart Dems see the problem. “[We] should not try to spin this loss” (Paul Begala). “This is a screaming siren” (David Plouffe). November is still a long way off, but the Democrats’ great policy accomplishment of the last six years is a dud, which grows dudlier and dudlier as Americans get to know it better. No wonder Democrats have a sinking feeling.

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