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Conservative State Think Tanks

by Stephen Moore
The Left tries to shut them down because they’re winning

If you’ve ever wondered why conservative policy ideas triumph more often at the state level than they do in Washington, here’s one explanation: the rising influence of free-market-oriented think tanks in the states.

Take the momentous victory last month in Chattanooga, Tenn., where workers at a Volkswagen plant rejected the United Auto Workers’ bid to represent them. This victory didn’t come about by chance. The Beacon Center, an advocacy group for conservative policy in Tennessee, played a key role in the battle. Beacon held town-hall forums — one of which I participated in — making the commonsense case to community leaders, the media, and VW workers that inviting in the union would put this fast-growing southern town on the path toward becoming another Detroit. The failure of labor bosses to win the VW vote and establish a foothold in the South is due at least in part to the Beacon Center’s successful campaign to educate the public.

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