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The get-together between President Obama and Pope Francis was a meeting of giants: One is held by his flock to be infallible, the other merely the Vicar of Christ.

Rand Paul appeared at Berkeley, the Colonial Williamsburg of campus radicalism, to condemn the NSA and offer measured praise of Edward Snowden (the intelligence community, he said, is “drunk with power, unrepentant and unwilling to relinquish power”). He was warmly received. Paul aims to show that libertarianism can appeal to audiences outside the GOP’s orbit, but he set himself an easy test: He did not try to sell the kids on repealing Obamacare, or defending gun rights and the right to life. Paul is trying to juggle the Tea Party, the GOP powers-that-be (he is friendly with fellow Kentuckian Mitch McConnell), and the supporters of his father, many of whom were left-wing anti-Americans. If he manages that, forget the White House, hire him for Cirque du Soleil.

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