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Virtue and Verse
Roman Genn, in your March 24 issue, drew a splendid cover illustration of the Republican symbol of trust and faithfulness astride a vociferous tool exemplifying productivity and change. It should stand as a serious contender for the party’s rallying image next November and beyond. In a nation so clearly divided between the classes of energetic production and apathetic entitlement, it extols the commendable dimension that can be released from within every responsible voter. 

Too little is said of the virtuousness of work that instills the hope needed to sustain the common travails of life. The accomplishment and reward from completing a regular task, regardless of its complexity, as Kevin D. Williamson reveals in his essay “To Work Is to Live,” must somehow be continuously ingrained in us all. Students in particular must be led in the direction of earning and saving to build secure lives and futures. Instead, they are overwhelmed with how to manipulate the systems that promote the sinecures largely cultivated by academia.

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