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The latest scandal lesson: When you’re talking to a mistress a quarter your age, be sure to be decorous.

Speaker John Boehner said that the reason his House Republican colleagues have not acted on immigration is that too many of them do not want to take tough votes and are instead taking “the path of least resistance.” If backing what Washington, D.C., calls “reform” is politically difficult, though, it is because many voters oppose it. They are right to do so. The bill the Senate passed legalizes illegal immigrants before we can be sure that the law will be enforced against new illegal entrants, recklessly raises low-skilled immigration, and establishes guest-worker programs that would create a class of laborers without the full rights of Americans. If Boehner will not lead the way to better legislation — which has to start by killing the elite dream that the Senate bill represents — then we suppose a second-best alternative is for him to complain ineffectually while a bad bill slowly expires.

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