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Time for Truth on Benghazi

by Andrew C. McCarthy

The select committee should forget about politics and just find out what happened

Speaker John Boehner’s long-overdue appointment of a select committee to probe the Benghazi massacre finally gives the House’s investigation a chance to succeed. It is just a chance, mind you, and “success,” it should be stressed, means revealing truth and ensuring accountability, not partisan electioneering. That said, a focused select committee, chaired by a seasoned former prosecutor, Representative Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.), is the best shot at breaking through the stonewall that surrounds the Obama administration’s derelictions before, during, and after the terrorist attack that killed four Americans, including the United States ambassador to Libya.

This is not to condemn the performance of lawmakers to date. In the 20 months since September 11, 2012, when jihadists stormed the American diplomatic facility at Benghazi — a facility whose purpose remains mysterious — valuable information has indeed been pried from the most opaque administration in history. Congress, however, is simply not designed to conduct an investigation that is in the nature more of a grand-jury inquiry than of legislative oversight.

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