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by Adam Bellow

Pollard’s Punishment
I have been reading National Review since I was a teenager and mostly respect and admire your writers and appreciate your professionalism. However, the short paragraph about Jonathan Pollard (The Week, May 5) was both inaccurate and inflammatory.

Having written a Fordham Law Review note on the subject of disclosing classified information to criminal-defense counsel, I have researched Pollard’s case extensively. Your statements that his was “one of the most serious espionage operations in modern American history” and that he received “a fitting punishment” belie your ignorance on the subject. Former senior government officials who know all the facts evidently disagree with you, as they have called publicly for Pollard’s release. They include George Shultz, Robert McFarlane, Henry Kissinger, Michael Mukasey, and Dan Quayle.

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