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The Hispanic-Evangelical Vote

by Henry Olsen

Its concerns are nuanced, but it presents opportunities for the GOP

People who are seriously concerned about the Republican party’s future often think about how to appeal to the nation’s Hispanics. And they properly note that one Latino group stands out as potentially open to conservative Republicanism: Evangelicals.

Data from the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project, the Public Religion Research Institute, and other sources all confirm this view. Evangelicals already make up about 16 percent of all Hispanics, and both their numbers and their share of all Hispanics are growing fast. Latino Evangelicals are the Hispanics likeliest already to support the GOP, and are extremely conservative on social issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion. Moreover, a majority voted for George W. Bush’s reelection — anywhere from 58 percent to 69 percent, depending on the source.

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