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The Week

by Charles C. W. Cooke

The real tragedy here is what’s happening to John Kerry’s Nobel Prize prospects.

If the Obama administration were a baseball game, this would be the seventh-inning stretch. He had at least one lousy inning in 2010, when the GOP took the House. But he nevertheless pushed Obamacare through and got reelected. Now seems like the time for bathroom breaks and Big Gulps, while the stadium organist entertains the crowd. It is not so much the conjunction of any particular crisis — Ukraine, Gaza, the border — with fundraisers or photo ops as the sense that, even when this president is in the Oval Office, he is detached, marking time. His legacy is made; let the stretch last through the last out. Then he can enjoy Martha’s Vineyard forever — plus the inevitable $20 million book advance. Meanwhile, time, chance, and tireless evil men keep working and moving. But they will be someone else’s responsibility. Play ball.

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