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The Department of Social Justice

by David French
Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department, by John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky (Broadside, 272 pp., $27.99)

If you care at all about justice, you will find John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky’s well-written and thoroughly researched new book highly welcome. It functions like a klaxon, an alarm warning a slumbering public that the nation’s largest and most powerful legal organization is not just thoroughly politicized but effectively out of control.

If, instead, you care more about “social justice” — the distortion of justice that seeks preferred (leftist) real-world outcomes and cares little for process — you will view Obama’s Enforcer not as an alarm but as a road map, a guidebook for hijacking a powerful bureaucracy and reshaping it into an engine of “progress” while building internal firewalls to defeat any externally imposed reforms.

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