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Anti-Semitism, Old and New

by Ian Tuttle

The global anti-Israel movement is targeting Jews

Twitter reached its most loathsome depths when, in late July, the hashtags “#HitlerWasRight” and “#HitlerDidNothingWrong” became global trends. It was not so long ago that Hitler was the unanimously agreed upon incarnation of evil. Now, not 70 years after exterminating half of the world’s Jewish population, he is finding a constituency beyond the usual skinheads and Klan holdouts.

In July, hundreds of Jews praying for peace in the Middle East were trapped inside a Paris synagogue. The mob outside — a group of Gaza demonstrators — lobbed bottles and bricks at the facility and shouted, “Death to the Jews!” and “Hitler was right!” “Hitler for president!” was the refrain days later as Gaza protesters rampaged through Sarcelles, a Paris suburb, torching cars and Jewish businesses.

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