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License to Breed

by James Lileks

You know you’re reading a British website when you see the word “foetus,” and you know you’re reading a leftist writer when the article is about banning the squirmy little things. recently ran an article by Zoltan Istvan with the provocative title: “It’s time to consider restricting human breeding.” He knows there might be objections: “For most people in the 21st Century, however, the idea of restricting the right to have offspring for any reason whatsoever seems blatantly authoritarian.”

Perhaps because it is? Then again, it’s not authoritarian if it’s marketed properly. Then it’s social justice. People opposed to infants would probably call the breeding curbs the Affordable Baby Act, because no babies whatsoever cost far less money. Millions would nod their approval. Opponents would be shills for Big Formula who want to keep people locked in an expensive status quo. The president would reassure: If you like the pediatrician you have, you can keep your pediatrician. He’ll just have nothing to do. Maybe he can go into doll repair.

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