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Found Wanting

by John Hillen

Strategic Failure: How President Obama’s Drone Warfare, Defense Cuts, and Military Amateurism Have Imperiled America, by Mark Moyar (Threshold, 400 pp., $28)

In a country in which fewer and fewer people serve in an ever-shrinking all-volunteer military, it can be difficult to make a comprehensive case to the civilian public about the weakness of our military posture and ambitions — especially if it is the author’s word against that of the commander-in-chief and his inevitably (largely) cooperative military hierarchy. “Is the military doing okay? I dunno, the president says so. And can that guy give a speech . . .”

Sigh. At least American citizens learn enough about foreign affairs in college to judge for themselves, yes? Well . . . no. In the academy, the teaching of strategy today more likely revolves around transgender approaches to income inequality in emerging economies (seriously, just go to any academic international-relations conference) than around such topics as the importance of sea power in the global balance. All told, it has become less and less obvious to the voting public whether America is doing well in the international arena.

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