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Get Real about Immigration

Whose problem is the immigration bill in Congress supposed to solve? The country’s problem with dangerously porous borders? The illegal immigrants’ problem? Or politicians’ problems? #ad#It has been painfully clear for ...
Politics & Policy

Myth Monopoly

Every aspect of the current immigration bill, and of the arguments made for it, has “fraud” written all over it. #ad#The first, and perhaps biggest, fraud is the argument that illegal ...
Politics & Policy

Amnesty Fraud

Nothing is more common than political “solutions” to immediate problems which create much bigger problems down the road. The current immigration bill in the Senate is a classic example. ...

Another Degree Mania Article

Today’s New York Times has an article full of hand-wringing over the possibility that the “higher education gap” (that is, the fact that blacks and Hispanics seem to be falling ...
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Don’t Be So Sure

Radically different conclusions about a whole range of issues have been common for centuries. Many have tried to explain these differences by differences in conflicting economic interests. Others, like John ...
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Angry Left

That people on the political Left have a certain set of opinions, just as people do in other parts of the ideological spectrum, is not surprising. What is surprising, however, ...
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Bookstore Ghettoes

If Rachael Ray had been black, there are bookstores where her cookbook would not be displayed in the same section with all the other cookbooks. It would be displayed off ...