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Meme Watch: Presidential Politics

HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS: Between the midterm shellacking, racial tensions in Ferguson, and crossing constitutional lines with executive orders, it was a busy November at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — and an equally ...
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Political Food Fight

Every year in a small Spanish town the battle against government corruption is waged — symbolically, at least — with flour, eggs, and firecrackers in a fast and furious food ...

Ricochet Podcast: Politics and Coffee

Peter, James, and Rob welcome The Washington Examiner’s Michael Barone and Ricochet’s own Paul Rahe to parse 2016, some Congressional races, and the mayoral contest in the Second City. Discuss this ...

Money & Politics: The Optimists

  Larry and Tim analyze the results from the New Hampshire primary and do some future-izing on what it means for the race at large. Is Kasich viable? Is Rubio wounded? ...

Ricochet Podcast: Politics and Bourbon

Peter, James, and Rob return “after a brief gratitude and bird-related holiday hiatus” to discuss Ferguson, Staten Island, and the grand-jury system. They welcome William Voegeli to discuss his new book The ...
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The Simpsons Get Political

Fans of Springfield’s yellow-hued first family are in for a treat thanks to the new cable channel FXX, which will air a 12-day marathon of The Simpsons — all 25 ...

Cain: Not “Politically Correct Yet”

Defending his recent comments that the United States should build an electrified fence on the Mexican border, Herman Cain argued that he hasn’t “learned to be politically correct yet.”