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Thomas Sowell: Chapter 3

Thomas Sowell discusses how Republicans aren’t always the best advocates for their own positions.

Thomas Sowell: Chapter 4

Thomas Sowell talks about how the United States could be headed in the direction of Greece.

Thomas Sowell: Chapter 2

Thomas Sowell discusses why he once was a Marxist and how he picked up the ideas of Free Market.

Thomas Sowell: Chapter 1

Thomas Sowell discusses how Barack Obama use of executive power has altered the balance of powers between the branches of government and observes that if America votes for a candidate ...

Q&A: Thomas Sowell

  Jay talks with Thomas Sowell, author of Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective, about what makes individuals and peoples rich or poor, whether equality of income is important, and ...

Q&A: Thomas Sowell

  Jay talks with economist Thomas Sowell about wealth, poverty, and politics. Discuss this podcast at Ricochet.