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Thomas Sowell: Chapter 5

Thomas Sowell gives his reaction to President Obama and the current Republican presidential candidates.

Thomas Sowell: Chapter 3

Thomas Sowell discusses how Republicans aren’t always the best advocates for their own positions.

Thomas Sowell: Chapter 4

Thomas Sowell talks about how the United States could be headed in the direction of Greece.

Thomas Sowell: Chapter 2

Thomas Sowell discusses why he once was a Marxist and how he picked up the ideas of Free Market.

Thomas Sowell: Chapter 1

Thomas Sowell discusses how Barack Obama use of executive power has altered the balance of powers between the branches of government and observes that if America votes for a candidate ...

Q&A: Thomas Sowell

  Jay talks with Thomas Sowell, author of Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective, about what makes individuals and peoples rich or poor, whether equality of income is important, and ...

Q&A: Thomas Sowell

  Jay talks with economist Thomas Sowell about wealth, poverty, and politics. Discuss this podcast at Ricochet.

Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell

The columnist Thomas Sowell was 75 years old last week. He wrote a column about it, looking back over his life. There is something refreshing, heartening, unusual, and ...