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501(C)3 Is a Joke

Amy Welborn wants you to take a look at this outrage, and ask yourself why Planned Parenthood still enjoys the tax-exempt status due to politically nonpartisan groups.

St. Pat’s Day Brawl

… Others are angry at Spitzer, a big Planned Parenthood supporter, for his investigation of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, which I wrote about here.

Well, of Course!

… He’s an adviser to Planned Parenthood, now infamous for their “choice on earth” Christmas cards–which, oh, by the way, receives federal funding.

For Your Holiday Shopping

But wait, there’s more sicko shopping available at the Planned Parenthood online store. How about this pro-abortion onesie for infants? What the hell kind of message does that send to children?

America’s Sickest Christmas Card

The sadists at Planned Parenthood are celebrating the 2002nd anniversary of history’s most famous unplanned pregnancy. I wish this were just a sick joke. It’s not.
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Fruitful Love

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second in a two-part series. The first piece can be read here. In my previous column, I argued that procreation and spousal unity are the natural, ...
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Kinsey’S Kids

… Many of his devotees propagate his ideas through Planned Parenthood, SIECUS (Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States), and other like-minded organizations.
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Abortion Now

Planned Parenthood. It did so, moreover, at the direction of three Republican appointees whom many pro-lifers had supported in the hope they would overturn Roe.