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9/11 Memorialized on Nation’s Campuses

Across the nation, students are holding vigils today in honor of the victims who perished on 9/11. Kara Mason reports for The College Fix:

Most of today’s college students were in elementary school on Sept. 11, 2001, and for many of them, their memories of that day 12 years ago are fuzzy.

But as they’ve grown up under the shadow of 9/11 and learned more about the day, they too have come to experience the sense of pain and loss over the tragedy – prompting them to do their part to honor the fallen.

Conservative students at more than 200 colleges across the nation today remembered and paid homage to those who lost their lives in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks through “Never Forget” memorials.

Students involved in the observances, mostly College Republicans and members of the conservative Young America’s Foundation, planted 2,977 flags in their quad, one for each life lost on 9/11. Many also took a moment of silence at 9:11 a.m., and brought in guest speakers. Students also donned buttons, hung posters, and distributed materials to peers to pay their respects to the memory of the tragic day.

“What makes this project so moving is once you realize that each flag represents a human life, it truly adds perspective to how horrific the attacks actually were,” Nathan Brand, president of the Hillsdale College Young Americans for Freedom, told The College Fix.

You know, we spend much of our time on Phi Beta Cons writing about the pernicious effects of liberal extremism on campus. But on occasions like this, it’s good to remember that there are a host of students out there who are resisting conformity to the dominant liberal ethos.

Consider this contrast: While the Muslim American Political Action Committee is organizing its “Million American March Against Fear” – advancing a blame-America-first doctrine and basking political correctness — there are thousands of conservative students out there today who are quietly and peacefully honoring the memory of those who fell.

Students participating in the memorials are treating this day not as occasion to advance a fleeting political agenda. Instead, for them, it is “as much about honoring the victims of the attacks as it is honoring the American principles for which they died.”

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