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Academics Overlook the Big Bad Wolf

The netleft is afire with citizens’ alerts that the U.S. is about to invade Iran, thanks in particular to claims by Barnett Rubin, a professor at New York University. Rubin is reported to base his assertions on a “Washington insider’s” tip, in turn passed down from someone at “one of the leading neo-conservative institutions.”


Eli Lake says that academics and journalists such a Rubin are engaging in “intellectual evasion” and “wolf-crying” in their predictions of an imminent U.S. invasion. Here’s the evaders’ real game:

It is far easier to blame Iranian aggression on neoconservative war schemes than it is to come to terms with the fact that the current crop of Iranian leaders have escalated their war on us and we have only responded through financial measures, diplomatically and in Iraq…

There still are quite a few pundits and politicians who believe William Kristol and Dick Cheney are more dangerous than these Iranian rogues. How lucky for the Mullahs to have such willing writers ever ready to change the topic from their latest aggressions.


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