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ACTA Report on Higher Learning in Georgia

ACTA has issued an important report on the university system of Georgia, mainly University of Georgia in Athens and Georgia Tech in Atlanta. The study analyzes public education in the state in terms of general education, intellectual diversity, governance, and cost, and it should offer lawmakers and educators ample material for discussion and improvement.
On intellectual diversity, ACTA gives the system an F. Here’s why:

When asked “On my campus, some courses have readings which present only one side of a controversial issue,” 55.3 percent of students agreed.
Asked, “On my campus, some panel discussions and presentations on political issues seem totally one-sided,” 54.1 percent agreed.
Asked, “On my campus, some courses present social and political issues in an unfair and one-sided manner,” 38 percent agreed.
Asked, “On my campus, some professors use the classroom to present their personal political views,” 56.3 percent agreed.
Asked, “On my campus, there are courses in which students feel they have to agree with the professor’s political or social views in order to get a good grade,” 48.5 percent agreed.
Asked, “On my campus, there are certain topics or viewpoints that are off limits,” 38.6 percent agreed.

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