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Adieu, Pino, at KSU

Kent State University, relates Mike S. Adams, has given the History Department Chair and terrorist-supporting professor Julio Pino the ax. The department head improperly granted a paid leave to Pino to “hang out in the Middle East.”
Pino, according to Adams, advocated the mass killing of Jews and American troops, was discovered working on a terrorist web site that posted bomb-making instructions and urged using the bombs against American troops.
But, adds Adams wryly:

To his credit, Julio Pino did find other people to cover his classes while he was in the Middle East. Indeed, there is never any shortage of American professors willing to aid and abet a Muslim extremist. Also to his credit, Pino made arrangements for students to e-mail their papers using the university email system. This was better use of the system than all those other times Pino used to send psychotic pro-terrorist rants to conservative writers.


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