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Alexander Hamilton Center Update

Here Roger Kimball stingingly re-tells the tale of the ousting from Hamilton College of the AHC, dedicated to the study of American first and founding principles, by left-wing faculty.

Auspiciously, he notes that at least three other universities appear inclined to house the AHC.
The inauspicious outcome, to cite Kimball?


The latest spectacle at Hamilton may seem like a parochial drama. What gives it a broader significance is the likelihood that faculties elsewhere will resort to similar tactics to enforce their ideological monopoly on campus. Faculties are everywhere jealous of their autonomy to teach and preach what they like—unless, it seems, some of their number presume to break ranks and offer students a genuine alternative to the “transgressive,” anti-Western canon that has become the new orthodoxy on campus. What happened at Hamilton is likely to set a precedent, and become a model, for faculties bent on stifling intellectual freedom.



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