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Alum Condemns Brandeis President’s Double Standard

Jay Bergman, a Brandeis alum and professor at Central Connecticut State University, has written the following letter to The Justice, a campus newspaper, regarding former President Carter’s recent speech at Brandeis:

Lost in the controversy over former President Carter’s recent lecture at Brandeis is something more important than whether Carter should have debated Alan Dershowitz, or even whether Stephen Flatow, the father of a Brandeis student murdered by Palestinian terrorists, should have been allowed to attend the lecture despite his not being a member of the current Brandeis community of students, faculty, and administrators [about which I reported earlier]. I am unaware of the President of Brandeis University, Jehuda Reinharz, having expressed publicly, either before or after Carter’s lecture, a single word of condemnation of the flagrantly anti-semitic smears the former President, both in his book and in recent statements of his, has levelled against American Jews — that they control the media, that they have intimidated politicians, and that their principal loyalty is to Israel instead of to their own country, which is to say that they are traitors. 
I’d wager that if a member of the Ku Klux Klan were speaking at Brandeis, President Reinharz would defer to no one in denouncing the speaker’s racism and hatred of African-Americans.  But when an anti-semitic bigot such as Jimmy Carter comes to Brandeis — which describes itself as “the only nonsectarian Jewish-sponsored college or university in the United States” — he is mute. 
The double standard this suggests is appalling.