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America’s Most Expensive Colleges has released its fifth annual rankings of America’s most expensive colleges. Colleges and universities continue with runaway cost increases year after year — far outpacing inflation. Will next year be the year the year that the top college on the list breaks the $60,000 mark?

America’s Most Expensive Colleges 2011-2012 (total cost = tuition + fees + room and board)

1. Sarah Lawrence College $59,170

2. New York University $56,787

3. Columbia University $56,310

4. Harvey Mudd College $55,998

5. Eugene Lang College (The New School) $55,890

6. Claremont McKenna College $55,865

7. Wesleyan University $55,706

8. Bard College $55,617

9. Barnard College $55,566

10. Trinity College (CT) $55,450

11. University of Chicago $55,416

12. University of Southern California $55,384

13. Dartmouth College $55,365

14. Drexel University $55,335

15. Bates College $55,300

16. Johns Hopkins University $55,242

17. Vassar College $55,135

18. Bard College at Simon’s Rock $55,110

19. Haverford College $55,050

20. Pitzer College $54,988

21. Fordham University – Lincoln Center $54,972

22. Connecticut College $54,970

23. Bennington College $54,960

24. Occidental College $54,950

25. Carnegie Mellon University $54,922

I notice that both colleges President Obama attended as an undergraduate made the top 25. I suppose those schools taught him all about controlling costs and keeping to a budget.

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