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Ann Coulter on College Audiences

I’m not a fan of the argumentative style Ann Coulter employs in writing, but I saw her speak and Northwestern University maybe six or seven years ago, and she was fantastic. She gave a quick speech filled with her usual barbs, and then spent an hour and a half sparring with students. Every student who challenged her received a factual, well-reasoned response. I’ve heard much the same thing from others who’ve seen her address college audiences.

Here’s how the speeches look from her perspective:

“I can usually tell after a speech what the average SAT scores are, because contrary to my prejudice, at the good colleges they do not heckle, they do not throw food, they usually do not have stupid signs outside; they want to beat you in question and answer,” Coulter said.

. . .


At the “good” colleges, they “wait for question and answer and they’re often very good questions; they’re actually listening to the speech, they’ve read what you’ve written.”


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