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Anne Neal on College’s Institutional Nonchalance

Anne Neal joins Andy Nash in this week’s episode of In “The Lazy University & Cultural Abdication,” Neal talks about the impact of leisurely academic schedules and faculty nonchalance in driving bad habits in student culture.

Neal also expands on how a lack of core curriculum at many colleges results in “vast gaps in knowledge,” including the fact that fewer than 5 percent of colleges require economics courses, and fewer than 20 percent require U.S. history.

Trustees, Neal says, should focus on graduation rates at their schools; she also says that state and federal-aid cuts should result in spending reductions rather than tuition increases.

Neal is president of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni and contributes to Phi Beta Cons. was launched in January, and features weekly interviews with the goal of “engaging the uninitiated” in the education debate, and forming a deep but digestible catalog of online knowledge.

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