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Another Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week II Underway

IFAW II, as FrontPage indicates, aims at educating the public about the threat of radical Islam, and will take place this week at more than 100 campuses. Congresswoman Sue Myrick is one of the featured speakers.

The theme of this year’s drive, Declaration Against Genocide, urges student and Muslim organizations to condemn terrorist groups, and “repudiate the saying of the prophet Mohammed that redemption will only come when Muslims fight Jews and kill them, when the rocks and trees cry out Oh Muslim there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.”

How can you get more counter-cultural than asking students, as IFAW II does, to espouse hoary concepts such as:

  • The right of all people to live in freedom and dignity
  • The freedom of the individual conscience: to change religions or have no religion at all
  • The equal dignity of women and men
  • The right of all people to live free from violence, intimidation, and coercion

Sadly, a hundred Muslim Student Associations, when asked, failed to sign the Declaration.

FrontPage tells why they have not done so and what befell last year’s supporters of IFAW. The details are frightening.

May the movement fructify.


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