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Anti-Faith Politics in D.C.

On May 25 Gary L. Bauer of American Values reported on an alarming but little noticed incident that recently took place in the House Judiciary Committee (no link):  

During her testimony, Monica Goodling, the former Justice Department White House liaison, was grilled by a member of the majority party about the fact that she earned her law degree from – gasp! — Regent University, a Christian university founded by Pat Robertson.  Goodling was grilled about why she chose to attend Regent Law School; did she ever discuss religion with others at the Justice Department; did she use religion as a criteria in hiring decisions; and “Are there an inordinate number of people from Regent University Law School that were hired by the Department of Justice while you were there?”  Evidently, being Christian makes one suspect in the fevered brows of the liberal inquisitors of the House Judiciary Committee.