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Auspicious AHI Debut

Students from Harvard, Hamilton College, and Colgate University will attend the first, academic star-studded event of The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, Inc., titled Liberty and Slavery: The Civil War between Gerrit Smith and George Fitzhugh.
The conference will feature the unpublished correspondence between Geritt Smith, a leading abolitionist, and George Fitzhugh, a slavery apologist. Sessions will focus on major themes in the correspondence: the nature of Man, Christianity and slavery, the meaning of freedom, property and property in Man, capitalism and its alternatives, and race and slavery.

Eat your heart out, Hamilton College leadership, for having shamefully closed the door to this distinguished scholarly undertaking on campus. Long may the AHI flourish, serving generations of students and this nation — without, to your disgrace, your succor.

More information about the program here.


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