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With all there is to criticize in the present-day academy, one advantage in going to college seems to lie in the area of marriage. College graduates have a better rate of intact marriages than high-school graduates. Here is one statistic I picked up from a site called

Higher education might be part of the reason for the recent slight dip in the overall divorce rate. Recent research has suggested that people with college educations get divorced less frequently than those without. Since 1980, the divorce rate for non-college graduates within the first 10 years of marriage has been about 35%. In contrast, college graduates married between 1990 and 1994 had a divorce rate of only 15% for the first 10 years of marriage.

We could speculate about why this is so. But because the left-wing academy is so dedicated to undermining tradition, promulgating feminism, denigrating marriage, and deconstructing the sexes, this is one positive outcome that university officials can’t use to promote the advantages of higher education.    

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