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Bah Humbug at U. of Colorado

The Catholic League reports that a state audit released last year barred the UC from holding Christmas parties, and the university has notified all employees that a “holiday party is no longer sole justification for an allowable university event.” A university spokesman says the motivation for the party cannot be the holiday itself, although he does not indicate how the campus intends to police motivation.
Upon finding no mention of Christmas of holiday parties in the state’s fiscal rules, the League sought clarification from the controller’s office of the university, which replied that holiday-themed parties pass muster so long as they meet the requirements for an official function. The League comments: 

We were still perplexed: ‘goodwill functions’ are explicitly recognized as constituting an official function. Upon further questioning, [the university] directed us to Recommendation #15 of the state audit. But Recommendation #15 says not a word about parties, Christmas or otherwise; it deals with procurement practices.  
In other words, there is no statute or court decision that mandates censoring Christmas parties; the state audit is equally silent on this matter. What we have is a clear case of bureaucratic overkill and political correctness run amok. We hope that some department throws a Christmas party and when asked what motivated the decision, they say goodwill. Then let the campus cops try to prove otherwise in court.

It is the university, in other words, that appears to have interpreted state rules expansively – used them an excuse – to quash Christmas festivities. Shame on the politically correct educrats at UC.