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BDS: Not a Movement, But a Tactic

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement on U.S. campuses makes a big deal out of its supposed non-violent position. By doing so, it is able to gather support from such stooges as the American Studies Association.

But as Ursinus College professor Jonathan Marks reveals, that non-violence is a merely a prop. Since its inception, the BDS Movement has been has been intertwined with violent elements, and its leadership has cheered violent activities.

In fact, the entire movement is merely one small part of a multi-faceted campaign—the main part of which is the ultra-violent campaign of terrorism conducted by such groups as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Unfortunately, our colleges and universities eagerly recruit students and faculty who are anti-Israel. Not to mention that we have our plenty of home-grown useful idiots, many of whom find a home in academia.


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