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Bible Bashing at NYU

A student at NYU sparked controversy recently when she logged a complaint against a professor who constantly referred to the Bible as a “Book of Spells” or “The Original Harry Potter.”

Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix reports:

The debate transpired in late December on New York University’s “Secrets” Facebook page, on which students can anonymously post comments on subjects that range from admitting to cheating on a final exam to watching a roommate have sex. Facebook users can then comment on the “secrets,” albeit using their profile and name.

A student secret posted on the site Dec. 21 was that their “ConWest teacher freshman year for ‘antiquity and the 19th century’ referred to the Bible as a ‘Book of Spells’ and ‘The Original Harry Potter’ regularly when he would use it as a piece of the lecture. I am not even that religious, but found it so disgusting and disrespectful that I had no choice but to file a complaint.

Atheist proselytizing is a favorite pastime among the smug academic secularists of our time, thanks to the likes of Dawkins and Hitchens, who made lots of money selling books that portray all non-atheists as idiots. Those authors never seemed to be aware of the presumption of universal knowledge it requires to go from agnosticism to atheism. Nevertheless, they inspired a generation of copycats who now populate our nation’s university lecture halls.

Anyway, you know it’s getting to be too much when “not even that religious” students are complaining about it.

More details on the story here.


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