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Binghamton Student Warned University in Professor’s Death

I’ve noted that apartment-mates of Abdulsalam S. al-Zahrani, charged with murder in the stabbing death of Professor Richard T. Antoun, reported many indications of worrisome behavior on the part of the suspect.

In a new revelation, according to the New York Times, one of these roommates, Souleymane Sakho, stated he had warned university officials of his misgivings:

[he] said that he told his academic adviser who is overseeing his dissertation about Mr. Zahrani, and that the adviser referred him to the school’s counseling center. Mr. Sakho said that the head of the counseling center told him to avoid interaction with Mr. Zahrani and said he should look to move out of the apartment. . . .

“When I informed them, it was for them to understand that the guy was violent or he may be violent.”

Hmmm  . . .

The Binghamton University administration — naturellement — declined to comment on what Sakho might have said about Zahrani.


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