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Black and White at EMU and Duke

A PBC reader suggests that the EMU case is the exact negative of the Duke case, or vice versa.  At EMU the victim was white, not black, while the accused is black, not white.  It took ten weeks to reveal the perpetrator at EMU and to obtain all the evidence, as opposed to the ten minutes or so that it took to accuse the Duke players before the evidence was in.  And of course at EMU a real and terrible rape/murder occurred, while at Duke nothing criminal happened.  
In both cases, one might speculate that fear of the charge of racism was uppermost in the minds of the administrators–if EMU had been quick to accuse a black student for harming a white woman; or if Duke had been hesitant to believe a black woman that she had been harmed by white students.  This shows how poorly race is being handled on American college campuses, despite all the claims of “diversity.”  


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