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“Black Christmas” To Open Christmas Day

What surely will be a Christian-bashing gift is on the way from Harvey and Bob Weinstein: their movie about a madman who terrorizes college girls at Christmas. Their earlier flicks suggest it likely that this new one, “Black Christmas,” will be anti-Christian. To wit–as catalogued by the Catholic League:

  • Priest, a film where the audience is introduced to totally dysfunctional priests, all of whom are made screwy because of the Catholic Church.
  • The Butcher Boy, a film starring Sinead O’Connor as a foul-mouthed Virgin Mary.
  • Dogma, a tale of a descendant of Mary and Joseph who works in an abortion clinic, a foul-mouthed 13th apostle — along with a comment comparing Mass to lousy sex.
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights, which ridicules a Catholic for giving up sex for Lent.
  • And The Magdalene Sisters, about sadistic nuns.

This is one present the public should refrain from opening.


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